I am a native Brooklyn Girl. My art career began with Saturday morning children's classes at the Brooklyn Museum and continued to Hunter College earning an undergraduate Degree in Fine Arts as well as a Graduate Degree in Art and Education.
My paintings capture the emotion and power of objects along with a sense of place. The subject of home is a theme that runs through my work. My current series of paintings titled Interior Landscapes is about the passage of time in the same way as images of light and shadow describe a fleeting moment. Using the image of bed is shorthand for calling up associations that speak to the viewer about intimacy, solitude and relationships. I love the idea that pillows contain the sensory experience of the journey traveled at night; the folds and creases of a rumpled bed are mysterious-evidence of someone having been there.
Throughout my career, I've been interested in investigating ways to combine traditional working methods with new media. The experience of working in various media including photography, papermaking, and collage add a rich layer to my work. 
 I exhibit internationally and locally. My work is available for purchase from my studio located in Union Square, in the heart of Manhattan.